Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration Essay

Who inspires you the most? Well, I’m going to tell you about the story of Heather Marie Vandersnick and why she inspires me. Heather was born in Neligh in the year of 1992. While she was growing up she would help her mom at the daycare center.  She has always wanted to do something with kids so she decided she wanted to go to college to become a teacher.  Not only did she go there to become a teacher she also wanted to be an Interior designer. After going to college and touring interior design she knew that is wasn’t for her, but she did know that teaching was.

Heather was inspired by one of her teachers, but many people told her that she wasn’t smart enough to become a teacher, but she didn’t let those people bring her down.  She knew she could do it so she did everything to achieve her very first goal. Heather started her student teaching at an elementary school in the 2nd grade. She has been student teaching for almost a year now and she has 5 weeks left that’s when she will graduate. Heather’s next biggest goal is to get married, have a family and to find a job.

         When Heather hears the word successful she thinks of working you’re hardest and doing what you think is best. She says, “If you don’t try you’re hardest and make the right choices then what’s the point? You have to love what you do in order for success.” Which I think what she says is a really good point! What do you think of when you hear the word successful? Ill let you think about that, but for now were going to move on.

         Heather is most proud of her family. Her role model is her mom. Ms.Vandersnick and her mom are very close. She feels she can tell her mom anything without it being a problem or really hard to explain no matter how hard the situation is. That’s also the way I feel about my mom. I never asked if Heather was proud of herself, but I think she should be for all the hard work she has done and how hard she is doing to achieve all of her goals and dreams.

         Heather inspires me the most because she has come along way to do what she is doing now. She works very hard and she still hasn’t given up for what she believes and thinks is best for her at achieving her goals, and that really inspires me too. I would say I am very proud of her for everything she is doing. Her mom must be a very proud mother. Heather is a good person and I believe that one day she will be a very good teacher and the students will love her. Well, this is the end of it and I wish you the best Ms. Vandersnick.

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