Friday, February 20, 2015

Why do I want to go to College?

Do you ever get this good feeling inside after you helped someone? Well, I get those feelings. I like to help people, I really do. While I was growing up, I would go to my mom’s job; she was a Nurse almost her whole life and she still is a nurse. I would always love to go there because she would let me help her give people medicine that would help them feel better. I do know a few things about nursing because my grandma would tell me a lot about it. When I was little, I always told my mom that I wanted to be a nurse just like her. She loved hearing that. When I go to college, this is what I want, to be a nurse, being a nurse would mean so much to me. I want to be a good nurse; a person that someone looks up to and says, “Because of you I didn’t give up.” 
This could help me by making better choices for my life and not making as many mistakes, raising a beautiful family, and being the best I can be. Most of all having a great education. Going to college could help me be mature and also be a better person than I am now. I have made a few mistakes, but that doesn’t make me a bad person it just means that “Hey! You need to step it up and try harder.” 

My parents inspire me they always have. I appreciate everything they do for me. They have made bad choices when they were younger but going to college made up those bad mistakes and it helped them be more mature and make better choices and raise a beautiful family together. My parents don’t want me to be a bad person, they know I’m not a bad person and I know that too. I feel that I need to work my hardest and not make any bad choices. I honestly don’t like to disappoint them. Making my parents proud would actually mean A LOT. I love to make them proud it makes me feel like I am doing my best and trying my hardest. I love them both with all my heart and I wouldn’t have made it this far without them and if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be here on this very day, so I thank them for everything.  

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