Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Adventure Quest

           Our story has a summary of The Adventure Time Quest. In the story there are two main character named Finn and Jake, they have to go through the jungle and defeat their enemies to get to the magical sword. If they complete the quest and kill the Ice King they get to keep the magical sword. My partner and I made it by using Keynote with different techniques. It turned out very interesting because in the quest there are two adventures and it keeps you going. What I liked about this project is we get to make something really creative with a partner and we both get to be creative together to make something great. What I did not like about it was that it was confusing when I made the buttons and the slides to get them in order.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration Essay

Who inspires you the most? Well, I’m going to tell you about the story of Heather Marie Vandersnick and why she inspires me. Heather was born in Neligh in the year of 1992. While she was growing up she would help her mom at the daycare center.  She has always wanted to do something with kids so she decided she wanted to go to college to become a teacher.  Not only did she go there to become a teacher she also wanted to be an Interior designer. After going to college and touring interior design she knew that is wasn’t for her, but she did know that teaching was.

Heather was inspired by one of her teachers, but many people told her that she wasn’t smart enough to become a teacher, but she didn’t let those people bring her down.  She knew she could do it so she did everything to achieve her very first goal. Heather started her student teaching at an elementary school in the 2nd grade. She has been student teaching for almost a year now and she has 5 weeks left that’s when she will graduate. Heather’s next biggest goal is to get married, have a family and to find a job.

         When Heather hears the word successful she thinks of working you’re hardest and doing what you think is best. She says, “If you don’t try you’re hardest and make the right choices then what’s the point? You have to love what you do in order for success.” Which I think what she says is a really good point! What do you think of when you hear the word successful? Ill let you think about that, but for now were going to move on.

         Heather is most proud of her family. Her role model is her mom. Ms.Vandersnick and her mom are very close. She feels she can tell her mom anything without it being a problem or really hard to explain no matter how hard the situation is. That’s also the way I feel about my mom. I never asked if Heather was proud of herself, but I think she should be for all the hard work she has done and how hard she is doing to achieve all of her goals and dreams.

         Heather inspires me the most because she has come along way to do what she is doing now. She works very hard and she still hasn’t given up for what she believes and thinks is best for her at achieving her goals, and that really inspires me too. I would say I am very proud of her for everything she is doing. Her mom must be a very proud mother. Heather is a good person and I believe that one day she will be a very good teacher and the students will love her. Well, this is the end of it and I wish you the best Ms. Vandersnick.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travel Report

Paris, France

Have you ever thought about visiting Paris, France? Well I have always wanted to visit there. Paris is located in the north of the country also know as “Paris Region”. Image how fun it would be to see the Eiffel Tower and learn their language and fashion. They say that Paris, France makes a fabulous vacation and is worth the stop to visit, but that is in their opinion, as I should say.
The culture of Paris is very diverse. First I will be talking about some of the clothes that they wear. In Paris, They are all about Fashion. In Paris, France they wear fashion from artist such as Christian Dior, which is the “New look”, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Hermes. They also have a lot of designers that do their clothes for them or sometimes they make them their selves. They dress up all day everyday.  If fashion were not your thing, then maybe you would like the foods of Paris. In Paris, France the foods that they eat are Caramels, Baguette, caviar, oysters, cheese, truffles and beef. Baguette is a long narrow loaf of bread. Caviar is pickled roe of surgeon. Other larger fish are also eaten as a delicacy. They have several types of oysters, which are mollusks with rough irregular shells. Cheese well I shouldn’t have to explain what that is all of y’all should know what cheese is. Truffles are a rough skinned potato’s that they eat with meals. Like Nebraska, they eat beef. Another part of Paris culture is sports. The two most famous sports that are played in Paris, France are Rugby and Football. If you don’t get a chance to watch a rugby game you cant miss the sight of the Eiffel Tower if you go to Paris.
The Eiffel tower was built on January 28, 1887. Its height is 320 meters and 1,050 feet. It was created by Alexandre Gustav who also built “The Statue Of Liberty”. After the Eiffel Tower was built people would always mock and call hideous and paid no attention. Then Alexandre fixed it and made it better. After that people loved it and thought it was the most beautiful and biggest tower they had ever seen. Here are some facts about the Eiffel Tower. It is known as one of the most well known structures in the world. It was also named after Alexandre’s last name.
While visiting the Eiffel Tower you may hear the language of Paris, France, which is French.  Although other languages are spoken, The French government mandates that advertising be in French. The flag in Paris, France is also important to their government. It is divided between colors of blue, white and red. The blue and the red represent “ The City of Paris,” and the white represents “ The House of Bourbon”.
Visiting Paris would allow you to immerse yourself in a new language. It will tantalize new taste buds, and allow you to view the latest fashion. Start saving your money because a lot of colleges have exchanged programs. Au Revoir!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Why do I want to go to College?

Do you ever get this good feeling inside after you helped someone? Well, I get those feelings. I like to help people, I really do. While I was growing up, I would go to my mom’s job; she was a Nurse almost her whole life and she still is a nurse. I would always love to go there because she would let me help her give people medicine that would help them feel better. I do know a few things about nursing because my grandma would tell me a lot about it. When I was little, I always told my mom that I wanted to be a nurse just like her. She loved hearing that. When I go to college, this is what I want, to be a nurse, being a nurse would mean so much to me. I want to be a good nurse; a person that someone looks up to and says, “Because of you I didn’t give up.” 
This could help me by making better choices for my life and not making as many mistakes, raising a beautiful family, and being the best I can be. Most of all having a great education. Going to college could help me be mature and also be a better person than I am now. I have made a few mistakes, but that doesn’t make me a bad person it just means that “Hey! You need to step it up and try harder.” 

My parents inspire me they always have. I appreciate everything they do for me. They have made bad choices when they were younger but going to college made up those bad mistakes and it helped them be more mature and make better choices and raise a beautiful family together. My parents don’t want me to be a bad person, they know I’m not a bad person and I know that too. I feel that I need to work my hardest and not make any bad choices. I honestly don’t like to disappoint them. Making my parents proud would actually mean A LOT. I love to make them proud it makes me feel like I am doing my best and trying my hardest. I love them both with all my heart and I wouldn’t have made it this far without them and if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be here on this very day, so I thank them for everything.