Monday, September 29, 2014

My Personal Brand Video

Three things that i learned from doing this project are:

 1. I learned how to use iMovie.
 2. I learned how to be more creative.
 3. I also learned somethings about myself that I put in the iMovie.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dot Day !!

Dot day is very important, because some people think that they are not very good at art and some people think they are. Well this important day is for you to be creative and show people what your skills are, also to inspire others. Im one of those who say that I'm not very good art, but Its not about if your good or not, its to show others that your creative in every way. One dot can change your ways of being creative it could make you try harder. Just always remember that you are creative. :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day.!!

Do you ever get that terrified feeling when its your first day of school in JH? Well on my first day of Junior High, I was terrified. I was worried what classes I would be in. Also if any of my friends would be in my classes. When I got the Schedule for my classes, I asked some of my friends what their classes were, and if they were in some of my classes. 
Finally it was the first day of school, and I told my mom I was really nervous, She looked at me and said “ Hun, I love you and it will be ok I promise.” I smiled and said “Ok I love you too mom.”  Before I walked in the school, I took a deep breathe and remembered what my mom had said. Then I found all my classes. I would get lost sometimes, but I would always find the way. I didn't think I would have my favorite class on the first day, but I really did like English. It was my favorite class, and it still is. 
About halfway through the school day, I thought to myself “My mom was right, the first day of school isn't always that bad.” When it was time for us to go home. When I got home, my mom started to ask me all these questions and I smiled and said,  “ School was great.” She replied, “See I told you the first day isn't always that bad.” And then we both started to laugh.

After a few weeks have gone by for school, I got used to my classes, and I also got over my fear. Just remember the first day of school isn't always that bad. It’s ok to have a fear for the first day, but it will always get better at the end. That day had changed my fear for JH.